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Important Information


Of course, we have rules on our server to keep everything calm and friendly. For the full list of rules click here


If you have any problems with our server or website (including the store) please mail us at our discord on


If you want to join our discord! Please click here for more information

About - How it all started

It started in 2005, a family like to make a server for themself and friends.

BUT it does not stop there. They want to expand so why not share our community with others

There for we rent a server to make that possible, now we have severel servers you can explore.

Our mission

This is our goal that have lot of players every day that like our little minecraft world

help us to enjoy this game and keep it alive

Thank you for the virtual world of minecraft.

Our creative server is like super fun!

Let your creativity get loose and try this server.

Our ROLEPLAY server is Super epic with lot of funny stuff and details!

Do quest and lot of other things like d&d. Try It

Or try our Skyblock or Towny servers

Super nice with lot of funny stuff and details!

Lot of funny moments for you


Forum is not avaible at this time. Comming in the future here

I need help with joining

Here's a good video

For a great video explaining how to join a Multiplayer server, click here

Servername:lovecloudnetwork and the id: